Delivering Reliable Cleaning Services for You

S.T.A.R. Cleaning Services provides excellence in detailed cleaning needs to our customers. We aim to show courtesy and professionalism through action, ensuring that our clients receive satisfactory, trustworthy, and reliable service.

List of Services

Commercial Offices

  • Dust all surfaces, including desks, filing cabinets, cubicle walls, and shelves
  • Empty trash cans and replace trash liners as needed for individual offices - clean trash can and surrounding area as needed
  • Wipe down and sanitize desks, phones, calculators, and computer keyboards thoroughly using a disinfectant spray that has been sprayed on a microfiber cloth or a disinfecting wipe
  • Dust heating vents, ledges, door jambs, and windowsills
  • Vacuum/sweep all tiled or hard surface floors
  • Vacuum all carpeted floors, starting with the mats and runners
  • Thoroughly clean and sanitize bathrooms (toilets/ sinks/ door handles/ handrails), restock paper products, clean glass, empty trash, vacuum floor
  • Disinfect countertops, tables, and chairs in the breakroom - wipe down and disinfect all appliances (microwave inside/ out), sanitize all touchpoints, empty trash, vacuum floor
  • Mop all hard floor surfaces

Common Areas (Commercial Buildings)

  • Clean entry doors inside and out
  • Spot clean windows
  • Wipe window ledges
  • Dust Alcoves/ lighting/ cobwebs/ fireboxes
  • Dust baseboards/ high dusting of vents and windowsills
  • Empty trash/ recycle
  • Vacuum furniture and arrange it neatly in the lobby area
  • Clean and sanitize restrooms/ elevators
  • Dust stairwells
  • Vacuum all areas
  • Mop all hard surface flooring

Medical Facilities

  • Clean and sanitize all surfaces, including desks and chairs
  • Clean and sanitize phones, computers, and keyboards
  • Clean walls and partitions - wipe and sanitize all touchpoints such as doors, door handles, light switches, railings, etc.
  • Sweep, mop, and scrub all hard flooring
  • Clean and disinfect all beds, counters, chairs, sinks, and faucet fixtures
  • Empty trash/ recycle, replace liners as needed
  • Clean bathrooms thoroughly, sinks and toilets, clean all glass surfaces, sanitize all surfaces including doors/ door handles and other touchpoints
  • Sweep or vacuum floors
  • Mop all hard surface flooring

Industrial Facilities

  • Clean and sanitize all furniture in the office area, including desks, computers, keyboards, shelves, and chair
  • Dust and vacuum needed surfaces
  • Mop all hard surface flooring
  • Clean and sanitize restrooms and break rooms
  • Sweep and clean every shipping bay
  • Empty all trash/ recycle, replace liners as needed
  • Mop and sanitize concrete flooring